Automotive Window Tinting

Why tint your vehicle? There are more reasons than the upgraded looks it brings to your vehicle. Automotive window tinting not only looks cool but also keeps your vehicle much cooler as well as saves you fuel by keeping strain off of your air conditioner. Tint also helps with the fading and cracking of your leather seats, door panels, dash and rest of interior. Keeping your vehicle cooler is a large reason for tint but while keeping you cool and protecting your interior, film also protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays from the sun. Think of it as sunscreen for you while in your vehicle! There is also a safety aspect to tinting your windows, if you are ever involved in a wreck flying glass and glass shards can make a bad scenario even worse; film acts as a barrier between your passengers, kids and yourself by helping to hold the glass together instead of harmful glass shards flying everywhere.

SouthernStylez Tinting offers multiple lines & shades of film to fit everyone’s needs & budget. Rather you’re looking for privacy, heat reduction, or even a legal clear film for your entire windshield, we guarantee we have a film to fit your needs!

Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

  • A complete product line, available in several colors and shades, that matches factory tint and enhances the look of any vehicle

  • Superior solar performance including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction

  • Exceptional optical clarity

  • Increased safety and protection

  • A competitive Manufacturer’s Warranty

Clear Windshield Film

So you’ve tinted your entire vehicle, but have you tinted the largest piece of glass in your vehicle? Your windshield is by far the largest window in your vehicle & is the cause of a lot of heat & harmful UV rays entering your vehicle. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about something dark that’s going to impair your vision, we are talking about our SunTek Ceramic IR (CIR) Window Film which is actually designed for your windshield & its legal! Because the film is virtually clear, it doesn’t impair your vision at all, which is great, it’s like an invisible layer of sunscreen at all times! I know what you’re thinking, it’s clear, it can’t do much! Well how does 45% solar energy rejection, 85% IR heat rejection & 99% UVA / UVB ray protection sound to you? Get in touch with us today to find out more information & pricing for your vehicle!

Automotive Window Tinting in Wilmington, North Carolina 2Automotive Window Tinting in Wilmington, North Carolina 3

Headlight / Taillight Tinting

Headlight / Taillight tinting is a great way to change the look of your vehicle and give you added sleek & elegant style while not having to worry about buying expensive aftermarket lights. Our lens tinting is available in two shades to achieve the look you’re going for. By tinting your lights, you also are adding a layer of protection to them from everyday driving as well as keeping them in pristine condition.

Lens tinting is completely legal, as we do not completely black out your lights as some DIY kits will do. We also have other colors available upon special request. Contact Us for a quote on your vehicle lens tinting needs.

Why Choose Us?

Okay so you’ve looked around, called around, got multiple quotes for tinting your vehicle, but the question still remains; why should you choose a certain shop? Specifically, why should you choose SouthernStylez Tinting? Well check out just a few reasons below!

It’s true that while tinting your vehicle, water is used & is an absolute necessity during the tinting process. If you’ve chosen to get your windshield or any other windows tinted, there are a ton of reasons why we cover & protect your dash & door panels. Not only are their expensive leathers, stitching & other coverings on vehicle dashes & door panels as well as rear decks now-a-days but there are also a ton of electronics behind/under your dash, behind your door panels & in your trunk under the rear deck that need to be protected from water getting to them, not to mention those fancy radios, mirrors with collision warning & auto sense rain wipers as well as steering wheels with all the nice features we’ve become accustomed to. All these features are nice, but they should not get wet & they should be protected! Choose SouthernStylez & rest assured they will be.

  • Door Panel Protection

  • Dash Protection

  • Carpet Protection

  • Rear Deck Protection

  • Electronic / Computer Protection

  • Quick Detail Of Exterior To Remove Any Water Streaks Left From the Tinting Process

You have made an investment, so why not protect it as well as yourself with automotive window tinting? Call us now at (910) 742–0579 or visit our Contact Us page for additional contact methods.