About Southern Stylez Tinting

High Quality Window Film products installed by the best, industry-certified pros.

We are Southern Stylez Tinting

High Quality Window Film products installed by the best, industry-certified pros.

Who We Are

Southern Stylez Window Tinting has been in the industry for 16 years and counting. We are locally owned and operated and we strive to not only do a phenomenal job at tinting your vehicle, home or business but to also gain you as a repeat customer and show you that window tinting has a lot more to offer than just improved looks. We offer SunTek Window Films which come with a full lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, hazing, color change, turning purple, delaminating, and demetalization. Visit our film page for more information on our films.




Office Manager

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, offer great products at reasonable prices to our customers to enhance, improve & protect their investments. Rather it be window tinting for your Home, Business, Vehicle or our Paint Protection & Vinyl Wrapping services, our vision is to make your vision a reality. At SouthernStylez, we promise you will get the product that best fits your need and budget everyday without any pressure or gimmicks. We are honest and hassle-free.


We don't just "sell" you products. We use our experience & knowledge to help you choose the correct products for your project. And our service doesn't just end there, we are here for you after the installation to answer any questions you may have in the future, we don't create sales, we build client relationships.

Tinting Products

We offer SunTek Window Films & Paint Protection Films manufactured by the largest company in the world (Eastman Chemical Company). Why do we offer this specific brand when there are so many to choose from? Simple, you deserve the best and with SunTek Films & our expertise installation experience, we guarantee you will get the best. All of our window films come with a full manufactures backed lifetime warranty. Life is complicated, the warranty on your tint shouldn't be, we keep it simple by offering you unmatched installation expertise with a manufacturer backed warranty. Simple, Easy, Done.

Quality Service

We offer great products, the best actually, but what good is a great product without a quality installation? With our 16+ years of experience we guarantee our installations will surpass your expectations. And our installation knowledge doesn't stop at the end of the day, we are constantly staying in tune with industry techniques, products & technology to be sure we always offer you the best possible service. No matter which service you receive from us, we guarantee it will be the best you've ever had & in the off chance that something is not up to your expectations, we will do everything in our power to make it right. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why Choose Us?

Simple question with a fairly simple answer. We are family owned and operated, not a chain store nor a franchise, we own, operate and install. This provides you with unmatched quality on your installation. Rather it’s window tinting, paint protection film or ceramic coatings, our name is on the installation. Our business depends on doing the highest quality installations possible with unmatched customer service.

Auto Tinting

Vehicles these days are so technologically advanced that gone are the days of just installing film on them, a lot of care and years of expertise goes into installing films on your vehicle as to not damage any electrical components. We care for your vehicle the same as we care for our own vehicles and we’re car people, so we REALLY care for our vehicles.

Paint Protection Film

The same is true for PPF as it is with auto tinting with slightly different focus points. With the exterior there’s not really many components we have to worry about getting wet, as they’re already designed to be in the elements. None-the-less proper washing techniques and drying techniques come into play when prepping your vehicle for PPF to ensure a scratch free prep process. PH balanced products provide the best prep and safe cleaning methods available. With the installation, proper installation techniques and curing methods allow for a trouble-free installation along with knowledge of when to and when not to wrap an edge for longevity.

Residential / Commercial Tinting

We own a home and business, we have had service technicians come in for various things throughout our lives and we know what we expect when it comes to care for our home or business. We provide the same care for your home or business as we expect for ours. Rather it be keeping project trash to a minimal and contained, protecting your floors and furniture during the process or providing as minimal interruption as possible to your home or business, you can be assured that you will not regret your experience with us.