Why Choose Us For PPF, Tinting or Ceramic Coating?

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Your vehicle is an investment and these days, it’s not a very cheap investment either. So it only makes sense to protect it in some way. Whether that be by applying Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Coating or Tinting the windows. All of these mentioned products serve a specific purpose to protect your vehicle in various ways. So you’ve decided to have one or more of these products installed on your vehicle but now the research begins on who to choose?

SouthernStylez & PPF

When it comes to PPF, choosing the right shop makes all the difference. A bad PPF install can; not only leave a bad taste in the clients mouth but it can also lead to expensive and frustrating repairs. SouthernStylez has been installing PPF for the longest period of time in the local area and with that comes the most experience with various types and difficulty levels of installations. Each vehicle is different and there are some installations that truly take a knowledgable professional to be able to handle so choosing a shop with years of experience in the application of PPF is of utmost importance. We will never misinform you or lead you to believe something that isn’t true simply to get the work. We also believe in providing you with the best install possible and treating your vehicle as it were our own. At SouthernStylez, our shop is family owned & operated; we are not a franchise, we are not a shop of only employees; when working with us, you’re working with owners of the business and someone who is putting their name on the work we release and we believe strongly in releasing great work.

PPF Misconceptions & Misinformation:

A few huge misconceptions and misinformation within the industry are:

  1. All edges can and should be wrapped – This couldn’t be further from the truth, for proper PPF installation, only edges that will hold long term should be wrapped. Unfortunately there’s not always enough metal, fiberglass, plastic or other material vehicle panels are made from to allow proper wrapping around to the back edge of the panel. We aim to give you an amazing install and for it to remain amazing for years to come. We do not aim to be dishonest or provide an install that won’t last long-term.
  2. PPF always ends up with dirty or black edges – While edges and seams of PPF can have dirt buildup, this is almost always a direct result of someone not properly maintaining their vehicle. When picking up your vehicle with us we have literature as well as go over how to maintain edges / seams of PPF so you continue receiving the most out of your installation.
  3. PPF yellows after a few years – While PPF is a thermoplastic urethane, yellowing has typically been an issue of old technology and not the technology of today. However, you can rest assured that when choosing us, you have a manufactures backed warranty against yellowing, should it ever happen for any reason.
  4. PPF is a perfect installation – We would all love to have perfection in this world on a variety of things, however; PPF simply is and never will be a perfect application scenario. We aim to give you as close to perfect as possible but we also aim to be realistic. A few specs here and there, work marks or other minor imperfections are normal. and should be expected. The reality is; we aren’t perfect, we don’t aim to lead you into thinking we’re perfect. However; what we do aim for is to be the absolute best that we can be humanly possible.
  5. PPF can be installed seamless – This is such a huge area of misinformation circulating on the internet that it almost disgust us. PPF is an 8 mil or at times 10 mil thick material and the realties of such is while that offers you amazing protection, it simply cannot conform to every curve, recess or shape of particular areas of your vehicle. However; it’s well worth mentioning that there is a huge difference in a proper seam and an improper seam. We always take the utmost care in paying close attention to any seams we have to have on your installation to the point where most clients don’t even notice them.

SouthernStylez & Window Tinting

Window tinting of your vehicles windows is simply not what it was back in 2007 when I personally started in this industry. Vehicles of today are significantly more complex and have a ton more electronics and materials within them that simply need more attention to detail. When choosing to work with us, you can rest assured knowing we protect your interior like no-other, we protect the electronics of your vehicle to the absolute extreme and best of our ability to do so. Protection is only half of the job these days though; installation is quite frequently, significantly more difficult than it was years ago due to various factors. With our experience dating back to 2007, you can be confident that your window tint application will be nothing short of amazing while your vehicle is protected and cared for like no-other while in our hands.

SouthernStylez & Ceramic Coating

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, ceramic coating is generally a well known option for providing good protection against road grime, salt, environmental damage, bugs, tar, tree sap and various other hazards. However when choosing to have a ceramic coating installed, you should always seek a professional installation to achieve the best products and performance of said products. Coating is only a part of the job though, if your vehicle is any less than brand new, it’s likely you will need some sort of polishing or paint correction. This is a service always left best to us professionals as we have the proper meters to measure paint thickness, tools and knowledge to provide you with the best results. While polishing or paint correction isn’t necessary, it’s always suggested to receive the best performance of whatever coating you choose.

SouthernStylez is an IGL Coatings certified installer and we believe strongly in these products as well as what they offer. IGL Coatings is a Malaysian technology firm focusing on the development of innovative and disruptive nanotechnology products, redefining the the coatings industry by pioneering low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. While most ceramic coatings are made with hazardous materials, IGL Coatings have worked extensively to improve hazardous formulations and create eco-friendly, low VOC coatings for a better and safer world. The IGL lineup offers very competitive performance and yet it lacks the majority of the hazardous chemicals used by our competitors.

SouthernStylez & Who We Are:

We are family owned and operated, not a chain store nor a franchise; we own, operate and install. This provides you with unmatched quality on your installation. Rather it’s window tinting, paint protection film or ceramic coatings, our name is on the installation. Our business depends on doing the highest quality installations possible with unmatched customer service. It’s really just that simple.

Our vision is simple, offer great products at reasonable prices to our customers to enhance, improve & protect their investments. Rather it be window tinting for your Home, Business, Vehicle or our Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction or Ceramic Coating services, our vision is to make your vision a reality. At SouthernStylez, we promise you will get the product that best fits your need and budget everyday without any pressure or gimmicks. We are honest and hassle-free. We don’t just “sell” you products. We use our experience & knowledge to help you choose the correct products for your project. And our service doesn’t just end there, we are here for you after the installation to answer any questions you may have in the future, we don’t create sales, we build client relationships.

We offer SunTek Window Films & Paint Protection Films manufactured by the largest company in the world (Eastman Chemical Company). Why do we offer this specific brand when there are so many to choose from? Simple, you deserve the best and with SunTek Films & our expertise installation experience, we guarantee you will get the best. All of our window films come with a full manufactures backed lifetime warranty and our PPF products offer a 10 year manufacturers backed warranty. Life is complicated, the warranty on your tint and PPF shouldn’t be, we keep it simple by offering you unmatched installation expertise with a manufacturer backed warranty. Simple, Easy, Done.

We offer great products, the best actually, but what good is a great product without a quality installation? With our 17+ years of experience we guarantee our installations will surpass your expectations. And our installation knowledge doesn’t stop at the end of the day, we are constantly staying in tune with industry techniques, products & technology to be sure we always offer you the best possible service. No matter which service you receive from us, we guarantee it will be the best you’ve ever had & in the off chance that something is not up to your expectations, we will do everything in our power to make it right.

View Some Photos Of Our Work Below:

You can view various blogs on projects by Clicking Here. You can also view a few select images below of us in action. However; using the mentioned link will show you various projects and go in depth with up-close photos of our work showing the true quality we put into all of our installs.

Ready To Start Your Project?

If you would like more information about the products or services we offer, click HERE. If you have questions about automotive window tint, paint protection film or ceramic coatings or would like a quote or to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (910) 742-0579 or email us at info@southernstyleztinting.com. We service the entire greater Wilmington, North Carolina area and look forward to serving you!

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