Tesla Model 3 Receives SunTek Ultra PPF

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We post a fair bit of blogs on various Teslas, including the Tesla Model 3. While it’s true we apply a lot of tint and paint protection film to Tesla’s, we do not make a blog on all of them. In this blog we intend to give some reasons why these installations are unique and why we’ve become trusted in the local community with these vehicles time and time again to protect them with PPF.

Tesla’s area a unique vehicle, many of the general public would say they were the beginning of the real EV push. While they are unique vehicles in the drivetrain arena, they’re also a unique vehicle when it comes to PPF installations. We’re going to focus on the front end for this blog as this is a majority of the installation packages that are installed around the country. When the Model 3 first came out the front bumper was the first thing that any seasoned PPF installer noticed.

Why is the Model 3 front bumper unique you may ask?

  1. The absence of your typical grille which means more area to protect.
  2. The unique  con-caved shape of it adds some challenging difficulties to film installation.
  3. The absence of trim items.
  4. The very unique fog-light / vent area.

Let’s dive into a little detail about each area listed above. The absence of your typical grille gives you much more real estate to be concerned with. For us, it gives more area needing protection. This design also features a concave shape which actually makes the PPF installation significantly more difficult. This difficulty in part is due to the extreme stretch required to make the film lay “flat.” It’s quite the stretch to be honest and not an easy task when attempting to align the patterns correctly. Trim items, or lack of, in the case of the Tesla Model 3 does make our job a bit easier. However, the fog-light / vent area introduces its own difficulties to achieve a professional installation due to the curves and depth of this particular area.

Why we are the go-to shop for your Tesla PPF…

With all of the above being said, it’s important to note that we’ve mastered these installs over the years. This is due in part to the sheer amount of Tesla’s we’ve helped protect. Our extreme attention to detail also helps achieve a phenomenal installation. No install from any shop or installer will ever be 100% perfect, unfortunately that’s just the reality of film installation but you can rest assured we give the best installation possible. Seams are also a hot topic in the PPF discussion world so let’s touch on that briefly. Seams are a necessity for longevity, durability and proper film installation. The PPF material is thick and requires strategically placed seams and / or relief cuts to achieve longevity. Customers should never be overly concerned with seams as a proper seam will be barely noticeable to the untrained eye.

We have a saying, “If a PPF installer tells you they can achieve your install using no seams anywhere, you need to run as fast as you can from them.” Can it be done? Sure. Should it be done? Absolutely not. By doing a seamless installation, the installer is actually doing a disservice to you by overworking the material in ways which thin it out and greatly increase odds of film failure.

What else is unique about the Tesla Model 3 front end?

  • The hood is a fairly straight forward hood installation with a few minor exceptions. The “T” emblem is rarely ever consistent from car to car so if your installer is using patterns and not removing emblems you should expect some discrepancies in the alignment of this area. To avoid this, we remove the “T” emblem and replace after film installation, this is common practice for us as we do this for most all emblems. By removing, filming and then replacing, we don’t have to worry about alignment, cut outs or edges of film being exposed around emblems.
  • The fenders are unique in their own way due to how they wrap around the headlights so significantly and the placement of the side view cameras. Alignment of the camera hole is of utmost importance when installing the fender patterns.

Pictures speak 1,000 words…

The below pictures are just a few of a recent Model 3 installation we completed. This particular vehicle came to us for hood and bumper protection. While we have packages, we can customize any of them to give you the exact protection you’re looking for.

If you would like more information about this Tesla Model 3 or the the SunTek Ultra Clear Bra we used on this project or any of the other products or services we offer, click HERE. If you have questions about automotive window tint or would like a quote or to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (910) 742-0579 or email us at info@southernstyleztinting.com. We service the entire greater Wilmington, North Carolina area and look forward to serving you!

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