SunTek Ultra Clear Bra Provides Protection For 22' Chevy Camaro - Paint Protection Film in Wilmington, North Carolina

SunTek Ultra Clear Bra Provides Protection For 22′ Chevy Camaro

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Great project we just completed. This customer contacted us initially about pricing for either a full or partial front end on this 2022 Chevy Camaro SS using SunTek Ultra Clear Bra. This car is going to need some protection as it is packing 455 horsepower that will have it punching big holes in the air. At that velocity, rocks, road debris and insects can cause some real damage to your paint. After consultation and sending him pricing, he then inquired about some additional areas he wished to have protected such as custom length A-Pillars, door handles, door cups, rockers and door edges.

Once we discussed these extra areas to protect, we decided that due to the amount of additional areas that it would be best to schedule an in person consultation. So, while we did provide him with pricing in our response email, we also requested the in-person consultation to make sure we were on the same page. The customer was more than happy to set up a date and time to come by in person to discuss his project. While doing an in person consultation is not necessary, it does help with projects like this where the customer was requesting multiple additional areas be protected.

While he was here, we also had the opportunity to show him our shop 2022 Cadillac CT5 which is fully wrapped with SunTek Ultra PPF. Showing an actual installation gives our customers peace of mind regarding exactly what these installations look like and the quality they can expect from our shop. During this consultation, we also discussed edges that would and would not be wrapped, necessary seams and relief cuts and showed him the exact areas that would be protected. It’s very important to note that not all edges can nor should be wrapped for longevity of the film and that seams and relief cuts placed in very specific areas are necessary in order to receive the maximum life expectancy of the film.

After our meeting this customer chose to have a partial front end which includes an 18″ hood, fender pieces to match hood line and full front bumper. This is an excellent package for the driver whom wants to protect the most vulnerable areas prone to rock chips and nicks. As mentioned, he also chose to fully protect both rocker panels as he had already received a few chips from the little driving he had already done, custom A-Pillars which ran from the front of the pillar to the door window line to protect the area in which you naturally grab getting into and out of this vehicle. Finally, he chose to protect his door handles, door cups and door edges. Once we agreed on the scope of the project, a deposit was paid, which is a requirement to schedule all PPF jobs, and his installation dates were set.

The night before the scheduled installation, the customer dropped the vehicle off in order to allow us to prep his vehicle at the end of our work day and have it ready to go first thing in the morning. Our prep process, which is included with all of our PPF jobs, includes a strip wash, iron decontamination and clay bar. It should be noted that paint correction is not included in our pricing but it can be added if the customer wishes.

Installation day consisted of installing the film and doing final trims at the end of the day. The vehicle then remained in our shop overnight. We keep the car so that we come back the next morning to check over all edges and every panel we’ve installed film on. While our process does take a little longer than other shops, we believe strongly in putting out a quality job and finished project, so we remain true to our process to deliver phenomenal results to all of our customers.

If you would like more information about this Chevy Camaro SS or the the SunTek Ultra Clear Bra we used on this project or any of the other products or services we offer, click HERE. If you have questions about automotive window tint or would like a quote or to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (910) 742–0579 or email us at We service the entire greater Wilmington, North Carolina area and look forward to serving you!

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