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We Cut Glare, Reduce Heat & Improve Comfort At This Commercial Space

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This is such a great looking building and our team recently had the pleasure to help this commercial property reduce heat, cut glare and improve comfort for the occupants of this space.

When projects like this one are considered, a couple questions arise. One obvious concern of whether retrofitting window film to existing glass will genuinely address the problem. We spend time with prospective clients to ensure that any film we recommend will produce the desired results. In this case, we retrofitted 2,000 square feet of SunTek DRMDS-7 window film to offer the maximum glare reduction and heat reduction. This will help this space remain much more comfortable for the occupants.

This particular commercial window film from SunTek offers a Total Solar Energy Rejected of 83% and a Glare Reduction of 92%. By reducing excessive heat and glare by retrofitting this film to the existing glass, it is possible to improve employee comfort while actually reducing energy usage.

The other concern that managers of facilities like this have is disruption to the space during the installation. We work with our clients to coordinate the logistics of these jobs to minimize any interruption. On this particular project, three of our installers were able to complete the installation in one business day with very little disruption to the office staff. We will work with your managers to ensure the project is completed in a way is the least disruptive to the occupants while completing the job in a timely manner.

If you would like more information about how to reduce heat and cut glare with the commercial window films we offer, click HERE. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free, no obligation assessment and quotation, contact us by calling (910) 742–0579 or emailing us at info@southernstyleztinting.com. We service the entire greater Wilmington, North Carolina area and look forward to serving you.

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