Specialty Vehicles & Window Tint – Why Most Shops Won’t Do Them

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Big Rigs & Specialty Vehicles

So you have a semi truck, tow truck, dump truck, RV or other specialty vehicle & you want window tint. Simple enough, right? So you pull out your smart phone or open a new browser on your desktop & do a quick Google search for window tinting shops near your area. You find a few & start contacting them about your specialty vehicle you are interested in getting window film on, but much to your surprise most shops simply refuse to do them. Why, you may ask? Well the answer is fairly simple, they’re big, typically dirty, take more time & quite honestly require a lot more effort to do vs. a typical day to day vehicle.

We at SouthernStylez Tinting understand this & have taken a specific interest in this category being as most shops will simply just not mess with them. We do require you to bring the vehicle by for us to give an accurate quote before scheduling but that is the only requirement we have. We have done many of these specialty vehicles & have perfected the way we do them so that you receive the best possible installation.

If you have a big rig or other specialty vehicle and have any questions or would like to arrange a free, no obligation quotation, please contact us today by calling (910) 742–0579 or email us at info@southernstyleztinting.com. We service Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.

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