Safety & Security Film – Does It Work?

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So you may have or may not have heard about safety & security film. You may be wondering what it is? Well it’s exactly as it sounds, it is a window film which comes in a variety of thicknesses that provides safety & security for your home or business. These types of window films when used with an attachment system can be extremely effective in deterring intruders from entering your home or business. By making it extremely difficult & time consuming to enter into a home or business typically an intruder will leave the premises in fear of getting caught. These window films can also be used as storm protection, keeping wind, rain & debris from actually entering into your home during a storm.

Benefits Include:

  • Improve Security
  • Protect Valuables
  • Protect family & loved ones
  • Available in clear & tinted shades
  • Provide extra protection during a storm

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how well this film performs.

Safety & Security Film Demo

Call our team at SouthernStylez Tinting to find out more information about how safety & security window films can be used to improve & protect your home. We would be happy to schedule a completely free, no obligation consultation with you about integrating any of these products into your home or office improvement project. Contact Us Here

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