Is Paint Protection Film (PPF) Worth The Hype?

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Paint protection film otherwise known as & referred to in this post here after as PPF is becoming a more known thing in the automotive world these days. But what’s it really all about? PPF is a clear layer that can be applied to virtually any exterior surface on your vehicle. We use SunTek Ultra PPF which comes with a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty as well as has a self-healing top coat. What does self-healing mean? So you drive your car on the road, which is paved and also has other vehicles on it right? Well of course you do but what you may not think about while you’re driving is all the little rock pebbles, road salt in the winter, sticks, bugs & other everyday debris chipping & nicking away at your paint job at 55+ mph. Reality is a rock pebble hitting your car at 55+ mph can do quite a bit of damage to your paint & the clear coat on your paint job just can’t withstand the beating but so much before it will start to show. Our SunTek Ultra PPF is an additional layer of protection that self heals itself by just simply sitting in the sun. Little scratches, scars and other imperfections will literally vanish. You made an investment in your vehicle, so why not protect that investment as well as get top dollar on resale / trade-in?



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